House Rules

We like to fill our nights with BBQ, bourbon and Blues and it seems that a lot of y’all do too, so please arrive on time to make the most of your evening. We know how life can get in the way sometimes, just let us know if you’re caught up and we’ll hold your table for up to 15 minutes.

With all the cocktails and dancing going on, we can’t have any minors running about the place; if you’re lucky enough to be fresh-faced please be prepared to show some ID to prove that you are over the ripe old age of 18.

Lastly, you can wear what you damn well please so long as you’re looking fresh, and your fancy dress box is left alone. Groups of six or more must be mixed so this isn’t the right kinda joint for Hens or Stags.

Thanks for bearing with us, we’ll see you on the dance floor…

Peace & Love

The Bookings Team