Every Friday in Camden we lay down two live shows of the damn best Motown, Soul and Rock ’n’ Roll in town.

Join us as we explore the life and music of perhaps the greatest guitarist in rock music history, Jimi Hendrix. The World Famous BK House Band have carefully curated a set list of Hendrix’s greatest tunes, as well as some lesser known gems in Jimi’s discography.

After serving as a paratrooper in the 101st Airbone division of the U.S. Army, James Marshall Hendrix returned with an honourable discharge to pick up the guitar he had first learned to play aged 15. His first tentative steps into gigging came after he moved to Clarksville, Tennessee. His mainstream career only spanned four years, roughly from 1966 when he moved to England, to his untimely death aged 27 in September 1970.

Hendrix’s influence in electric guitar playing cannot be overstated. He brought an extraordinary dexterity to his craft, reinventing the guitar solo and leaving audiences around the world speechless at his talent. As a songwriter he was also extremely gifted, and the sheer number of classics he penned has ensured that his legacy lives on. From ‘All Along the Watchtower’, to ‘Purple Haze’, ‘Hey Joe’ and the ‘Wind Cries Mary’, Hendrix has been the force behind numerous seminal rock masterpieces.

The legacy of Jimi is eternal and his music timeless, join us for an evening of remembering and celebrating.

Free before 9pm, open until 2:30am. 


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