Every Friday in Camden we bring you the finest soul, funk and rock & roll across two live shows and DJs playing ’til late. From Aretha Franklin to Fleetwood Mac, our notorious resident The World Famous BK House Band deliver your favourite vintage dance sounds throughout the night. Sing-along soul, foot-tappin’ funk and raucous rock & roll – this is Camden Got Soul!

It began in the 60s, when two of the most enigmatic, original and innovative sounds first exploded onto the music scene; please welcome The Doors and The Who.

Established a mere year earlier than their American friends, The Who formed in 1964 England. Although now regarded primarily as a rock band, their influence has been famously taken for genres far and wide; from trad jazz, R&B, mod culture, Motown and contemporary pop, thus creating a melting pot of sound and style that The Who are now so widely celebrated for.

Townshend had a real focus on writing meaningful lyrics inspired by Bob Dylan that young kids could relate to. So much so, that his lyrics developed into a narrative, in which characters were introduced, Tommy, being the boy all young people felt they knew and could resonate with. Perhaps amongst their stage presence and destroying guitars and drums on stage, this is what the kids of the revolution  really needed; The Who.

In contrast we introduce The Doors. Better known for their aloof on stage presence, hypnotic live shows, impromptu rhythmic jams and poetic lyrics, these guys from Stateside delivered something completely different.

The Doors rose to the centre of counterculture with their first three studio albums, The Doors, L.A Woman and Strange Days, each of which are listed in Rolling Stone Magazines “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. Releasing five albums in eight years before Morrisons tragic death, The Doors popularity persisted and paved the way of musical sound, shapingg the story of rock ’n’ roll history forever.

Without any further ado, please welcome an evening of your most loved iconic legends and their anthems performed live, all night long. Expect to hear classics including ‘Baba O Reilly’, ‘My Generation’ to ‘Break on Through to the Other Side’ and ‘Light My fire’ The Doors vs The Who.

You decide who wins on the dancefloor. 

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