The Blues Kitchen One Man Band Festival begins in Shoreditch with a unique talent.

Dollar Bill is a one-man band that seemingly achieves the impossible with the wide collection of sounds he delivers at once. It’s raw, stripped down, stompin’ and rockin’ blues with drums, a guitar, a harmonica and singing going on all at once. It’s vibrant, up-beat stuff that’ll get you dancing John Lee Hooker-style.

Legend has it that once upon a time, RL Burnside crashed into the Buzzcocks somewhere on the M62 and out of that sorry wreckage emerged the one-man punk blues band that is Hollowbelly. With a 3 string cigar box guitar in his hands, a blues harp at his mouth, a pre-war marching drum at his right foot and a 1930’s low boy at his left, this is authentic, fast and furious stuff that’ll keep you on your toes.

Free entry, sign up here.

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